Alternate Ending - Adolf Hitler Operation Fail Safe As Written By Novice Paul Dutton Cambridge Uk

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Alternate Ending

Alternate Ending

Paul knowing  that there is a possibility of the watch playing up he still tries to returns to warn Adolf Hitler about the Nokmim, he’s sets the watch to noon January 1st 1945 london while in his kitchen Paul electrocutes himself ,this jump should give him enough time to set a plan in motion to beat the Nokmim, as the Die Glocke radiation feedback loop system kicks in , Prof Hawkins  at the MODs head quarters alarm goes off on the radiation tracer it lights up like a Christmas tree, now Prof Hawkins has the digital display of the coordinates he types in the coordinates and arms the missile and hits the fire button while in the light Paul feels a burning heat just as the missile blows up the Die Glocke , while in the light the watch dials spin round and around , unlike a normal exit from within the light he is propelled out of the light he’s slams hard into a brick wall,  the time and date are now 1st March which only leaves him four weeks to beat the Nokmim .

Paul contacts Adolf Hitler, he is angry at Paul for only giving him four weeks , Paul explains that the watch has been malfunctioning the last couple of times he’s used it so he was only going to use the watch in dyer emergencies such as this, but he admits that’s no excuse, Paul tries to turn the short time they have to his advantage by explaining the shorter the time the less people know the better as this is an internal assault on you Adolf Hitler, the  Generals and every Germanised leader around the world, with no leaders there’s no Nazi global domination, Germany will fall if we are not successful in this final mission Paul explains, Paul is ordered to meet Adolf at 'Wolfsschanze' (Wolf's Lair).

On his Arrival at Wolfsschanze Paul is greeted by Adolf Hitler, Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler, Erwin Rommel and Josef "Sepp" Dietrich they escorted him to the strategic room where the other Generals where waiting, while there Paul tells them what he read about the attack in the future , that there isn’t any real detailed description on how they attacked only that it was dead on 12 noon on 20th April 1945 and that it was a worldwide assault, while people where celebrating Adolf Hitler’s birthday, the attack on Hitler and his generals at his party at Buckingham palace however was mentioned that they were killed in a large explosion, this explosion contained vast amounts of small ball bearings used to widen the blast ratio for a maximum body count, but all the other Germanised leader where killed by manned assaults, Paul explains the Nokmim are highly skilled assassins from the Jewish ghettos in his time they tracked down over 2000 Nazi war criminals after world war two and killed them instead of possessing them through the eyes of the law they wanted revenge not justice, Pauls explains now he has changed the course of history for Nazi Germany this change has also had an impact on the Nokmim , instead of a band of Jewish men hunting Nazis down at the end of the war, now they are a match for any SS divisions and that these Jews will not walk blindly to their deaths in shower rooms, these Jews are viscous trained hand to hand fighting machines,they will not be easy to kill. After listening to Pauls speech Adolf Hitler says tell me Paul was there a traitor in our mitts in your history before your changes to which Paul Answers yes there was one story I remember of an Operation Valkyrie (Operation Walküre) it’s a plot to assassinate you Meine Fuhrer and take control, it was Claus von Stauffenberg Along with some generals, but  Stauffenberg was one of the central figures of the German Resistance movement within the Wehrmacht, For his involvement in the movement he was shot shortly after the failed attempt of Operation Valkyrie , Claus von Stauffenberg looked at Adolf Hitler he said I do not know of this Operation Valkyrie ,nor am I a traitor to you and Meine country this is his alternate time line he speaks of perhaps its true in his time but I am a loyal servant to you Der Fuhrer, prove it say Hitler remove your dagger from your side, pin your hand to the table with the dagger, you have 5 seconds to comply he counts 1,2,3,4 on the fourth second Stauffenberg pulls out his dagger, he stabs himself through his hand pinning his hand to the table. Paul says well that was intense but in my time Claus von Stauffenberg had a patch over his left eye and his right hand was missing so what he says now could be the truth as he is in tacked in this time line, Paul states I personally think this is a job for Reinhard Heydrich and his SD, Historians in my time regard him as the darkest figure within the Nazi elite; you  Meine Fuhrer christened him "the man with the iron heart". He is the founding head of the Sicherheitsdienst  SD, an intelligence organisation tasked with seeking out and neutralising resistance to the Nazi Party via arrests, deportations, and killings. He helped organize Kristallnacht, a series of co-ordinated attacks against Jews throughout Nazi Germany if anyone can find out the leak within our ranks its Reinhard Heydrich, also I think you should in trust your security detail in the capable hands of Heinrich Himmler, on hearing this Himmler is surprised as he thought Paul was out to take his rightful place by Adolf Hitler’s side but perhaps Pauls only here to help the greater good of the Third Reich only time will tell.

During the first three weeks of arrests and interrogations Reinhard Heydrich finds out history no matter what time line you’re in people don’t change, the leak is from Claus von Stauffenberg he is arrested, he’s tortured to make him give up the names of his co conspirators, Claus von Stauffenberg Along with Henning von Tresckow and Hans Oster  tell of the Nokmim who they armed with cases lugers,  mp40’s, hand grenades, explosives and vast amounts of ball bearings . The Nokmim will be arriving in ports around the world via fishing trawlers disguised as fishermen, their guns will be hidden within the fish in plastic bags in the belly of the trawlers, these fishermen will all have pre planed detailed missions for there strike to kill Adolf Hitler, each general and heads of state around the world at 12 noon.

20th April 9am Reinhard Heydrich implements operation party crashers this is his time to shine he has set his trap, he awaits the Nokmim to strike at 12 noon, he gathered up lots of hungry Jews from the Arbeit macht frei  working camps from around the world. At each of the parties food, wine and beer spreads was laid on the tables, the Jews where disguised as German officers at each party the trap is set the time is closing in its nearly noon.

11.50am The main party to keep safe was Der Fuhrers party inside there where over 1000 working Jews disguised as German officers, all sitting down eating the food, drinking the wine, they were so starving they ignored everything going on around them, the time is now dead on 12pm in the large ball room where people were being entertained there was four Ming vases that was placed one in each corner of the room with one almighty blast the vases shatter simultaneously due to they were on timers this shot ball bearings in a circular pattern, body parts of people are flying all over the place.

The Nokmim charge in their legs run through wire pulling the pins out of hand grenades which explodes killing six of the Nokmim , the explosion blasts part of the front doors off ,The 10 Nokmim left guarding the entrance run in after seeing the explosion , to their surprise they have killed there our kind dressed as German officers to which they now knew this was a trap, the doors blowing open is the signal to release the Waffen SS from their hideouts at the rear of the building to cover left and right flanks this counter strike was a success, the 10 men fort valiantly to the last man taking nearly a Waffen SS divison with them, That day the Nokmim killed around 10,000 German soldiers around the world they never gave up they never surrendered, this fight was to the death, the Jews that Reinhard Heydrich had dressed as German Officers where all shot as spies for wearing outfits of the Third Reich, the fishing trawlers were blown up out at sea, All the Nokmim around the world had their mangled rotting corpses paraded in each town in every country they attacked, Adolf Hitler had 40,000 people from them towns selected at random to be shot as reprisals at the ratio of four men per one soldier killed to ensure this will never happen again

After defeating the Nokmim during their global attack on Adolf Hitler’s birthday on the 20th April 1945, the Nazis still have total world domination, Adolf Hitler throws a late birthday bash on 24th April 1945 and Paul is hailed the saviour of the Third Reich at the bash. The party is going well everyone is having fun dancing, laughing and joking even though Buckingham palace has some structural damage. Paul standing with Reinhard Heydrich,  Heinrich Himmler,  Josef "Sepp" Dietrich, Dr Josef Mengele, and Rowdy the reptilian pet, they are all drinking  beer and whiskey, about one hour ten minutes into the party Paul falls to his knees clutching his chest, he thinks he’s having a heart attack, as Reinhard rips open Pauls tunic then his shirt, the buttons fall to the floor Rowdy circles Paul it’s like he’s a snarling dog protecting its master, Rowdy keeps everyone at bay with fear of what he will do if they intervene. when Pauls shirt is wide open  they witness the pocket watch dials spinning round and around the coordinates are set to zero the watch is glowing white hot, Reinhard says to Paul what do I do, which Paul replies I honestly don’t know, just knock me out so I can go back to my wife and kids,  Reinhard grabs a gun from a guard standing nearby, he goes to smash Paul in the back of his head when Rowdy grabs the gun in his mouth from Reinhard’s hands with one almighty bite the gun break into three part when Rowdy spits the remaining part out, he spins around whipping Paul in the back of the head with his large tail, Paul falls face down on the floor a glowing white light emanates from the watch in Pauls chest, there’s an agonizing pain on his face just as he disappears within the light Rowdy jumps into the light with him, they are both pulled through a wormhole in 1945 up through and into the last remaining Die Glocke  in outer space, just as two missiles simultaneously hit  the Die Glocke which is blown to pieces, the blast intertwines both their molecules its passes them out the wormhole as one human being  Paul is now back in Cambridge its  now Nov. 21, 2012.

Paul is discovered by his wife Nina lying on his kitchen floor she is shocked when she sees him as he looks like Paul but he has greeny grey reptilian scales for skin, his eyes are bright green with a black slits instead of his pupils, his teeth are long and sharp, his finger nails where thick black and pointed, she phones for an ambulance he is rushed to hospital, the doctors on finding a large brain tumour decides to put him in an induced coma so they can operate to save his life, these doctors know of Pauls fizzeology  and blood type  they shave his head , they cut the skin and staple it back up to simulate a operation but all they do is keep Paul in an induced coma for four weeks as they know his body will heal itself now his doctors have stopped injecting the serum made by doctor Mengele. Just under four weeks later Paul finally comes out of the coma he is handcuffed to the bed, he sees a policeman at his bed side dressed in a similar outfit to the Nazis in world war two, the policeman tells Paul of a story about a man from the future changing history for the greater good of the Third Reich he tells him you are that man from the future you were successful in your mission and that the Nazis have global domination all thanks to you. Paul asks if I’ve done all you say I done, then why I am handcuffed, the policeman replies that’s for the doctors to tell you ill call them for you the policeman pages the doctors Then policeman sits back down to guard Paul, the doctors walk in they tell Paul they have good news and bad news , the good news is that the brain tumour was successfully removed , the bad news is on doing a Dna test on him while he was in the coma, this shows that he has one sixth Jew blood running threw his veins , he is set for termination , Paul says who on earth made that ruling its fucking crazy, the doctor replies well you did when you were Reich’s Fuhrer back in 1942 so in hinge sight you kill yourself .
The doctor tells Paul because you saved the Third Reich from extinction medicine has advanced so much along with full hybrid human blood and all the test results done by Doctor Mengele in 1945 your blood has been made into a miracle cures for illnesses ranging from cancer to motor neurone disease, the most famous scientist of this time Professor General Stephen Hackings can walk again he could possibly make a full recovery thanks to your blood, Paul is put back into a coma for their plan to be successful

Paul’s family is contacted by doctors they say he will never come out of his coma his life support machine has to be turned off it’s for the best.

It’s 18st Dec 2012 Pauls family turn off the life support machine, the doctors give Paul a drug to simulated death. later that afternoon Paul awakes he is driven under armed guards to Auschwitz concentration camp where he is put in the shower stripped naked, zyklon b is dropped through the chimney in the roof Paul is sitting crossed legged on the floor he slows his heart rate this puts his body into "estivation," which is a similar principle to hibernation he then turns a bright shade of pink and he appears like he’s stops breathing, Paul is now pronounced dead.

21st Dec 2012 the day of Paul’s funeral it’s a glass top casket he is dressed in a new black SS Reich’s Fuhrer Outfit designed by Hugo Boss the coffin is lowed into the ground Pauls wife and kids are standing in a circle around the grave side, people who are having the cure made from Pauls blood show up at the funeral, professor General Stephen Hackings is one of them he is greeted by Pauls wife Nina she says thank you for coming it was a nice gesture.  Stephen says at least he’s at piece now and his legacy will live on in all the people his blood is curing such as myself, Nina replied it’s just a shame he never recovered to find out he fulfilled his destiny and that his real father Adolf Hitler was so proud of him, the story of his father Adolf Hitler leaving his two daughters with Eva Braun in 1959 while he searched the world looking for Paul but never to find his one and only son, he died a broken hearted old man that story always brings a tear to my eyes she says as she cries.
The funeral is at an end as people are walking away, Paul’s family follows but little 8 year old Molly-Jane stands at the grave side with her hands in her pockets, Nina walks back she says to Molly-Jane don’t worry darling daddy will always be with us, Molly relies I know mummy there’s a little bit of daddy in all of us as Molly grabs her mums hand, Nina notices she has drawn swastikas on both her hands just like her father had tattooed on his, both mother and daughter walk away hand in hand, as Paul opens his eyes he sees them walk away he smiles; knowing he and his family are safe.
Bonding with his reptilian brother Rowdy saved his life as the zyklon b had no effect because he didn’t inhale enough to kill him while in estivation mode; he slows his heart rate again to place himself into estivation, he watches on as the digger driver fills the grave up with mud. When there’s no more light he closes his eyes and hibernates to surface another day.

The End Or Is It A New Beginning

“Gott mit uns”
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